Face Masks

    Reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation, and boost your natural glow with one of our two all-natural and organic clay face masks. Reshma Beauty® Multani Mitti – Fuller’s Earth Face Mask is best for those with oily and sun-damaged skin, as it soaks up excess oils from your skin, while also aiding in reducing the appearance of dark spots due to being rich in magnesium, which helps break apart fats and oils that penetrate the skin’s surface – giving you a fresh and even complexion.

    Reshma Beauty® Ubtan – Turmeric Face Mask is ideal for those with dry skin, as the combination of Turmeric  and Sandalwood works to exfoliate the skin. Both of these natural based, organic products can be tailored to your specific skin needs! For dry and flaky skin, add milk or yogurt to Ubtan for bacteria-fighting probiotics and to sustain moisture. For oily or normal skin, find your perfect mixture with Multani Mitti and rose water to keep your skin supple, hydrated, and cleansed with nature’s best-kept secrets. When you invest in Reshma Beauty® natural based vegan face masks, you can rest assured you’ll have radiant skin that will garner compliments everywhere you go. Order these essential oil face masks online today!

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    Ubtan - Turmeric Face Mask
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    Multani Mitti - Fuller's Earth Face Mask